The First SharePoint Backup, Recovery and BLOB Storage Solution

We like to make history at Metalogix. With the release of StoragePoint 4.2, we’ve done it again.

For the first time in the history of SharePoint, there’s now a fully integrated BLOB storage, SharePoint backup and granular restore solution for any version of SharePoint.  With access available directly through SharePoint central administration, SharePoint administrators can now add the benefits of automated backups and granular recovery to their Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution.

With Metalogix StoragePoint 4.2, we have developed the first RBS solution that integrates backup and recovery capabilities into a single user interface in the central administration. The release continues StoragePoint’s long history as the most intuitive RBS solution through its native integration with SharePoint. If you’re familiar with SharePoint, regardless of the version, you’ll be comfortable with StoragePoint 4.2.

To ensure your familiarity with the new release, here are some of the key capabilities we added to the product:

  • Automates the Out-of-Box (OOB) backup process and integrates StoragePoint’s existing continuous BLOB backup capability.
  • Includes granular recovery – all the way down to the document level – for all versions including SharePoint 2013.
  • Introduces support for backup to the cloud, which will reduce disk space for backups and your storage costs.
  • Provides the ability to restore an endpoint from backup.

A key concern I’ve regularly heard from customers is how they can quickly respond when someone in their organization has lost a document or folder. We addressed this for SharePoint admins and IT professionals by including new granular recovery capabilities in StoragePoint. Rather than rely on lengthy, time-consuming SharePoint backup processes with SQL Backup, cumbersome scripting to manage your backups, or a central backup/recovery team to respond to your requests, you’ll now be mere clicks away from recovering your data with StoragePoint 4.2.

Do you have compliance, retention and archiving policies for SharePoint content that are causing you concern? In StoragePoint 4.2, we added crucial capabilities for event-based retention support for EMC Centera. Additionally, there are new capabilities for synchronization between SharePoint Information Management Policies and external storage retention policies.

We’re excited to share with you the exciting features in StoragePoint 4.2 and invite you to schedule a demo today to see the product in action. See for yourself how the market’s only fully integrated SharePoint storage, backup and granular recovery solutions works seamlessly within Central Administration.

You can also download StoragePoint Express for free with a 200GB license by clicking here.

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