EMC Certifies StoragePoint Centera Adapter

Organizations are often tasked with storing content in a compliant way.  Whether you are dealing with SEC, HIPAA, SOX, or DOD compliance scenarios, SharePoint’s native storage architecture fails to meet the level compliance that organizations require.  Enter StoragePoint.  By leveraging supported APIs and interfaces, StoragePoint alters the native SharePoint storage architecture allowing you to separate the BLOB (Binary Large Object) from the content metadata.  The metadata is stored within SharePoint Content Databases while the BLOB can be remoted to a variety of storage locations.  For complaince scenarios organizations often turn to EMC Centera to provide WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage.  StoragePoint provides a certified storage adapter for storing SharePoint content on EMC Centera.  EMC recently certified our StoragePoint adapter.  Check out the press release.  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Metalogix-Releases-bw-3469966683.html?x=0&.v=1

One thought on “EMC Certifies StoragePoint Centera Adapter

  1. Hi,

    Centera has an option to store the file with Event Based Retention policy (EBR).

    An example of this would be storing employee’s contract for 5 more years after one leaves the organisation…

    Therefore on the “happy day” when the resource leaves, the Centera API event is fired which moves the document from one Centera’s end point to another one with 5year retention period. The API call will require Centera’s ID of the document.

    Does Metalogix Storage point support EBR (which is one of the DODs scenarios)..


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