Metalogix Releases StoragePoint 3.2

On September 6th Metalogix released StoragePoint 3.2 along with some powerful new features that focus on performance, file share management, and tiered storage capabilities.  Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect to find in StoragePoint 3.2.

Master/worker Timer Job Configuration

Previously StoragePoint leveraged a multithreaded timer job framework that provided added performance for batch jobs over a typical single threaded timer job.  As you know timer jobs are executed on a single SharePoint server and there is no out-of-the-box support for distributing work across multiple servers.  StoragePoint 3.2 contains a new timer job framework that allows for the configuration of a single mater job that hands work to “worker” jobs.  This new approach provides significant performance improvements for batch processes like externalize jobs (initial removal of existing BLOBs from content databases) or file share librarian jobs. 

Broader Archive Rules

Archiving and tiered storage rules can now be configured at a broader scope.  Previous versions of StoragePoint restricted archive rules to a site collection.  StoragePoint 3.2 allows for archive rules to be configured at site collections, content databases, and web applications. 

File Share Librarian Enhancements

For those of you familiar with File Share Librarian, the feature only allowed a single endpoint in previous versions of StoragePoint.  With StoragePoint 3.2 we now have the ability to configure File Share Librarian on existing Storage Profiles even with different endpoints. 

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